How they help

The Parent House helps give disadvantaged parents a sense of control over their lives and their income by building their confidence and connecting them to training and employment opportunities.

Our support

Development Partners | 5 years | April 2016 to March 2021 | £155,000 | Towards core costs.

Read about The Parent House’s role as a Development Partner here

Catalyst | 2 years | 2018-2020 | £10,000 | A devolved Catalyst budget to help people pay for things they need, or that bring joy or opportunity.

We launched the Catalyst Programme in 2009, and now fund it alongside CloudesleyIslington Giving, and Sir John Cass’s Foundation.

Watch our short film about Catalyst

Islington Giving | 2 years | April 2018 to April 2020 | £40,846 | towards the costs of peer to peer community outreach.

Islington Giving went to speak with some of the parents who support each other each week at The Parent House.

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