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Islinton Giving's Young Grant-Makers Call for Proposals

7 April 2021

Islington Giving's Young Grant-Makers 2021 are inviting applications from projects that help young people get a picture of what success means for them, and then gives them the right support to get what they need in order to realise their own, individual potential.

These could include projects that: 

  • Help young people transition out of lockdown, and particularly supporting mental health. 
  • Develop young people’s life skills to help us at transition points – such as between school and college, college and university, or into work. 
  • Develop young people’s skills around fields they’re interested in so they can take the next step in their careers. 
  • Give young people interesting things to do, and the chance to explore their talents, do things they enjoy, or try something new – particularly around creativity, arts, and language skills. 

The deadline for applications is 9am on Monday 10th May 

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