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Who we are

Cripplegate Foundation (and its restricted fund, Islington Giving) is an independent local charity which aims to address inequality in Islington and Cripplegate Ward. We want to improve access to opportunities for everyone and to make lasting change. We do this by:

  • listening to, and learning from, local people and communities,
  • raising funds and making grants, and
  • working in partnership with local people and organisations.

Our Vision

Our vision for Islington is of an equal borough where everyone can enjoy a life free from poverty and access the many opportunities on offer in their local area.

The context in Islington

Islington is full of opportunity, but can also be a tough place to live, with complex challenges.

Cripplegate Foundation sees the Borough’s diversity as our strength, a view shared by people who live here. Over 90% of residents think Islington is a place where people from different backgrounds get along well together.

But Islington is also a borough of contrasts. Over a decade of welfare reform compounded by the unequal impact of Covid-19 has made life even more challenging for some of the most vulnerable people in our community.

London itself is a highly unequal city and Islington stands at extremes when compared to much of London and the rest of the UK.

Read more detail about our local context here

Our priorities and actions

Building on our experience and learning, over the next 3 years across all our work we will:

  • Listen, learn and act - to better understand the needs of local residents and adapt our grant making
  • Raise funds and make grants - maximising the money and resources available to support residents and communities
  • Amplify local voices - to promote and encourage greater equity and access to opportunities across Islington

  • Aim for organisational excellence - to achieve this strategy and our longer-term impact

We will apply these four priorities in all our work, recognising the ongoing success and profile of Islington Giving which gives the Foundation the opportunity to make a step change in its own activities.

Full strategy

This is a summary of our full 2022 - 2024 strategy.

Download the full version here