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Feedback and complaints procedure

If you have a complaint about an organisation we fund, please contact the team and let us know your concerns. Cripplegate Foundation (and its restricted fund, Islington Giving) aims to provide a high-quality service and works to ensure that everyone who speaks with our team has a positive experience. 

To ensure this remains the case, we invite anyone who has had contact with us to tell us about the experience. If you have had a particularly positive experience with a member of our team, or if you feel there is something we could do better. In either case, we would encourage you to let us know. 

How to provide positive feedback:

If you were particularly impressed with one of our team members, or if you have a comment on how we could improve our service, then please let us know.  

You can give us feedback in person, in writing, via e-mail or telephone. You can give your feedback to any team member, using the contact details below. 

We will keep a record of all feedback received and this will be analysed and presented annually to the Board. 

How to make a complaint:

Cripplegate Foundation is a small organisation, and the complaints procedure is simple. We would hope that most problems can be solved early on. There are 3 stages in our complaint procedure: 

Stage 1. Talk to someone in the organisation who you have been dealing with. Raise your concern and see if it can be sorted out informally. 

Stage 2. If you still have concerns, ask to speak to someone more senior to see if a resolution can be reached. This is likely to be one of the Directors and their contact details are shared below. 

Stage 3. If you still feel that your concern has not been resolved, then please submit your complaint in writing to The Chair of Cripplegate Foundation. This can be in a letter sent to Cripplegate Foundation / Islington Giving, 13 Elliott’s Place, Islington, London N1 8HX or an email to  

If you need help with writing down your complaint, please let a member of staff know and we will arrange for someone to contact you to help. Your written complaint will be acknowledged when we receive it. The Chair of Cripplegate Foundation will investigate, and we will write to you with the outcome. All complaints and how we handle them are reported to the Cripplegate Foundation Board of Governors. 

We will keep a record of all complaints received, and this will be analysed and presented annually to the Board. 

Cripplegate Foundation is a registered charity and regulated by the Charity Commission. It is also registered with the Fundraising Regulator to demonstrate that Islington Giving upholds the highest standards in fundraising best practise.  

After making a complaint to the Cripplegate Foundation / Islington Giving team, if you feel the matter is not resolved, you can complain to the Charity Commission or the Fundraising Regulator using their formal process.  

Please visit  for Charity Commission and for the Fundraising Regulator. 

Contact details: 


Sarah Benioff, Director:   

Anne Shewring, Director of Programmes:   

Lisa Robinson, Director of Fundraising:  

Nilesh Pandya, Director of Finance and Resources:   

The Chair of Cripplegate Foundation: 

Nezahat Cihan, Co-Chair Cripplegate Foundation:  

James Kempton, Co-Chair Cripplegate Foundation:   

Our Switchboard number is: 020 7288 6940

The Postal Address of Cripplegate Foundation and Islington Giving is: 13 Elliott’s Place, Islington, London N1 8HX. 

Download our Feedback & Complaints Procedure